• Parler & Newsmax. Been using DuckDuck for quite some time.
    • Linda Joy
      Did you hear Parler users doubled after the election?
    • Archie Bunker
      Yup. Cause people know that Facebook is run by the leftists and have no problem censoring those who they disagree with. I have no problem with that, mind you, as long as they loose their "publisher" protections.
  • I've dumped Facebook and Twitter. Won't be back. I've joined Gab, and I love it. I try to use Rumble, much as possible instead of Youtube.
  • Ah, Linda, Archie and Kevin again. All wrapped up in their hate for everyone else who's non-Christian and non-Trumpie. This site should give you guys your own little section so you can just feed off of each other and spend all day having your little hate-fests. LOL. It's like listening to a little handful of 2nd graders during recess. Oh, by the way, you should report me, like you always do, to exercise your own censorship here, then you whine about censorship everywhere else... There's nothing quite like two-faced Christians whining about "do as I say, not as I do!"
    • 1465
      ...says the resident Trump hater.
    • Franco333
      And now a word from one of our resident leftards, who can never resist giving his stanky libturd wisdom all wrapped up in spit'n'vinegar for everyone else who's non-commie and non-HidenBiden. No doubt the backup chorus will soon crawl out from under their rocks! I would mimic, and say this "site should give you guys your own little section so you can just feed off of each other and spend all day having your little hate-fests", but let's get real...everyone knows you tards already have multiple sites for just such use (Reddit, Raddle, Fakebook, and Twatter to name but a few), and you leftist dirtbags are only here looking to conquer new territory for the creation of new leftard echo chambers in order to silence the opposition. I don't have any reason to report you snowflake. I like matching wits with witless twits, especially the commie, socialist and libturd're the low hanging fruit of the leftist intelligentsia, and I'm betting if I make your ilk squeal loud enough, eventually the Big Dogs will come out to play.
    • Linda Joy
      I don't hate, and I don't whine. I state my opinion. And in my opinion you are the one saying we do what you are feeling about us. You don't know me. I tried one of the 'uncensored' sites and didn't like what I saw there. I haven't tried any of the others because I don't like hate, porn, or lawlessness. Your hate will consume you if you don't learn to control it.
    • Kevin1960
      How's that love-fest in Afghanistan going for ya'? The Taliban just took a big dump in Joe's pudding. Failure is spelled B-I-D-E-N.
  • I have Parler, I've used Brave, and I subscribe to Newsmax and other Conservative media channels on Youtube. Unfortunately, Parler is more of a political platform rather than a general social media platform - also, it's still in its infancy and hasn't caught on with the membership it could conceivably draw. I've also been signed up with Telegram but have never connected with anyone I know.
  • I was on Mewe til they upgraded the software that now flips the birdie to the only three browsers that still work on XP Pro. I was never censored there, so I still recommend it. I was on Saidit til they 'disappeared' five of my comments, and one post. That leaves Ruqqus, Poal, Voat, and 8kun. I use all the various Youtube alternatives whenever possible. Parler has a bad rep since the new guy took over. Was never interested in Fakebook, so ditto for Rumble. When Google gets leftard-uppity, I switch to its alternatives (lycos, entireweb, snopyta, oscobo, infinitysearch, gibiru, mojeek, swisscows, qwant, searchencrypt, privado, searx, or startpage). For news, I look to over a hundred sites that can be trusted to one degree or another. Considering just how low the MSM has fallen, pretty much the National Enquirer is more reputable than all of them combined. Some of those hundred sites include,,,, and

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