• It is justice to the poor.
    • Linda Joy
      I almost passed out when I saw you actually answered another question! haha Thank you!
    • Archie Bunker
      How is it justice to the poor?
    • Linda Joy
      Its not. Its the opposite. Justice would be for them to eat what they grow, and if they don't work they don't eat. This is equality of outcome without equality of input.
    • pipey
      So how is it justice for a wealthy agribusiness owner to take 90% of the profits produced by his workers and dole out poverty wages to those who actually produced what he sold? If there was equality of outcome, those who do nothing but collect profit from those who do the actual work would be living in poverty rather than buying $500,000,000 yachts.
    • 1465
      @ pipey - What you're calling "poverty wages" is at least minimum wage, maybe higher. Minimum wage is an "entry-level" wage for people who are inexperienced and/or lack work experience for higher-wage jobs. If you want to earn more, then make yourself worth more - get an education or learn a trade. Anyone who supports a $15/hr minimum wage knows nothing about economics. You people have grandeur visions of more buying power. But that's not the way it works. Local economies are based on the average wage for that area and it adjusts itself accordingly. For instance, if you live in a city where manufacturing dominates the job market, the local economy is going to be based on those wages. Those who earn minimum wage are held down at the poverty level. Raising the minimum wage to $15/hr doesn't solve the problem because the manufacturing jobs are worth more than minimum wage, and those employees' wages will rise, too. The local economy adjusts itself, inflation rises, and the minimum wage earners who are now making $15/hr are back where they started - worse, actually. That's because since they're making more, they're also paying more taxes. This leaves less money in their pockets than before the $15/hr "windfall". And they're paying more for goods and services. If you believe business owners have it so great, you should invest a few hundred thousand dollars into a business of your own - then pay your employees what you consider to be a "livable wage". How long do you think you'll be in business?
    • Charin Cross
      you're my hero, 1465!
  • You'll find out what it means in America pretty soon as Biden gets pushed further left.
    • Jimmy205
      Mr. Bunker, The right has cast socialism as some kind of evil thing. There are forms and degrees of socialism; social democracy, democratic socialism fall on the spectrum and the United States is in there. The US is not a pure capitalist form. Where I live republican farmers cash their crop insurance checks underwritten and funded in major part by the government. That wouldn't happen in a purely capitalist economic system. Neither would small business loans, and so much more.
  • The state owns and controls everything; nobody becomes filthy rich. Most western countries have socialized medicine which provides 'free' health care for everyone but taxes are slightly higher. A fair mixture of capitalism with a certain amount of socialism can work out quite well.
    • pipey
      Actually single-payer health care systems are far more economically efficient and per capita health care costs are lower in countries with socialized medicine. Even conservative think tanks have found that overall costs would go down if the US adopted Medicare for All. Currently, roughly $2500 a year per person goes to administrative expenses. Under a single payer system that would be reduced to more like $500 a year per person.
    • MisterKatt
  • An "ism" that affect's society like Kardashianism.. Seriously though it's a system where the government owns the industry and regulates the output of produced goods. You can have small businesses like a bakery or cobbler shop but heavy industry is government regulated and controlled. You get you schooling, medical, and other benefits paid by the government, but in a 8-5 world it kinda puts a damper on the drive to be better than the next guy.which kills incentive and quality goes to pot. A lot of folks in Socialist countries get the free education and then come over here to get better paid.😉
  • Churchill described it best. “Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.” Sounds like something to which liberals would attach themselves.
    • Charin Cross
      So right on BOTH counts!
    • pipey
      Capitalism is a social system owned by the capitalistic class, a small network of very wealthy and powerful businessmen, who compromise the health and security of the general population for corporate gain.” ? Suzy Kassem
    • Kevin1960
      There's a reason they're referred to as "libtards".
    • Hulk70156
      Kevin, Churchill was also a Royalist. He thought America should never be free. He also lost his last election.
  • I think that it is exactly what the dictionary says that it is.
  • Sharing almost equally, whether forced or not.
  • It's government for ordinary people rather than for the powerful. I was just reading Heather Cox Richardson's summary of the history of anti-socialist propaganda in the US, and it has its roots in keeping freed slaves down after the Civil War. White supremacists said that if blacks were allowed to vote, they would just vote in a way that gave them free money which they called "socialism" while white people would vote for the greater good. That's still the definition many Americans use today - socialism is poor people voting to take money away from rich people. That's how even poor people have been convinced to vote for Republicans, by convincing them that someone who has even less money wants to take the little they have away from them, which is nonsense. Socialism as practiced today means those who produce wealth (workers) should have a greater share of it and should see some benefit from the taxes they're paying.
  • Full socialism is a political/economic system in which the various means of production are owned by the people collectively, instead of by individuals making individual profit, with the state representing the people. There have been relatively few such societies. In most countries today, including the US, capitalism and a limited form of socialism co-exist. This is the case, for example, in European-style "soft socialism." The western European nations are largely capitalist, but they also offer good benefits to citizens. The US itself offers a number of "soft-socialist" benefits, including Medicare, Social Security, and public schools. Soft socialism is sometimes called "Social Democracy," which is not to be confused with "Democratic Socialism," which advocates a more fully socialist system
  • The true definition of "working for the man"
  • USA schools, libraries, fire departments, etc...
  • Socialism is when the government runs the economy. The official definition relies on OWNERSHIP, but 'control' or 'running' the economy is more accurate. After all, if the government controls the economy, what good is a deed? To see it in practice, look on the USSR, Maoist China (not current China), and the like. Too many people nowadays get confused and think socialism just means what Sweden has or Canada has. Those are capitalist countries. In fact, they're VERY capitalist, consistently among the 20 MOST capitalist countries in the world. Some also think the USSR was 'communist', but it was so in name only. They were ASPIRATIONAL communists. They IMPLEMENTED socialism.
  • I was just reminded of the person who answered a tweet from IFLScience about length of intercourse claiming that two minutes was more than enough to inseminate your wife and anything longer than that was perversion and socialism. Clearly a lot of people don't have the slightest idea what the word means.
  • Capitalism says if you make the money you get all the money and can do whatever you want with it. Socialism says you can still have the money but you have to have rules about what you do with the money.
  • Karl Marx who wrote the Communist Manifesto, from which the Fabian society came, said that socialism is a step on the road to communism.
  • Something which doesn't have the burden of slavery - like America does.
  • All I know is that if I invent something people want to buy, I will price it to cover the manufacturing costs and so I make a profit. And that cost will be born out by the marketplace. People will decide if they want to pay my price. I will pay taxes too. But capitalism will allow me to be as rich or as poor as I want to be. I don't have that choice with socialism or communism, because the government will make ALL those decisions for me! HARD PASS!!

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