• Yes I do agree
  • O.K. Rip Van Winkle, You've obviously been sleeping for the last hundred years, because that's what they've all done! Except for the coronavirus EVERY ISSUE IN DISPUTE HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR PROBABLY MORE THAN 20 YEARS! You just now woke up to complain because Trump took office? Or your only 20 yourself and just woke up politically? From what I've seen even after the guy gave you $1200 (and according to your own description HE IS THE ONE WHO GAVE IT TO YOU) and he turned over reopening to the governors he was still blamed for what THEY did wrong!! No, I'd say in this particular term he has been blamed for everything awful, even things he didn't do and not given credit for what he did! But you're right about one thing everyone complains no matter what they do. And its always been like that.

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