• No, did not know that. What's your source for the data?
    • Linda Joy
      I googled it. I made a transposition in the abortion number. And now the only yearly death rate I can find from all sources was for 2017 and it matches the abortion rate. Thank you for asking though. I want to correct when I'm wrong. I know you can find both numbers on Wiki.
  • The pro-choice folks don't agree with your facts. Especially your use of the term "people."
    • mushroom
      Just curious if you've ever taken up the argument in traffic court that a pregnant spouse/gf/carpool buddy counts towards the HOV total.
    • Archie Bunker
      Um, no. I'm not a lawyer. I was usually the guy writing the tickets (not that I ever wrote a ticket for that stuff).
    • Linda Joy
      Don't care. I know what murder is. Its when one human being intentionally ends the life of another. And that's what abortion is. And pro-choice is a misnomer. The father and the baby have no choice.
    • Archie Bunker
      Agree 100%, Linda.

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