• I was definitely surprised that the 4th of July fireworks during COVID-19 scared me. It was very random and just didn't stop.
  • I'm startled by loud noises, but I don't have flashbacks. I'm surprised that ten years after being homeless I still have nightmares about being put out with no place to go... Usually by people who had said they love me and I was one of their own. Even though I don't fear it on a conscious level, because now I know where to go and how to get help. And also I know beyond any doubt that God, with the help of his earthly angels will take care of me.
  • Sharks scare the living shit outta me. I won't even get in a hot tub. 'Cause you never know.
  • That the "unthinkable" can happen anytime. It's a fear based on reality as the "unthinkable" has happened twice.

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