• I think its more beneficial to learn how to handle reality than imagine the bad never happens. If everything that kills people never happened we'd be piled up with A BUNCH of sick, old people, many of which are in pain and want to die! Or is that just my perspective? The same is true for abortion, wars, school killings, natural disasters, and medical mistakes. Should I go on? What about auto and air accidents, or people who die taking selfies every year? These things do happen. And if you believe in evolution then you should believe the strong survive. Or those that are smart enough to educate and protect themselves. All these death scenarios thin the herd.
  • Then you wouldn't be asking about them, that's for sure.
  • Then the first one that DID would be a real doozy.
  • In Isaiah 33:24 God promises that there will be a time when “no resident will say ‘I am sick’”. Jesus said “Let your Kingdom come”, because God’s Kingdom will relieve humankind of sickness, death and outcry (Mat 6:9, Rev 21:3,4)
  • Everything would be as it was before the pandemic happened.

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