• The jobs are there. Trump has repeatedly pointed to the growing American economy as the strongest indicator of his success in the White House. If you want more jobs created, many unemployed Americans should do the dirty jobs and settle for minimum wage to at least get something going.
  • If they'd quit screwing with free trade and capitalism by halting work, subsidizing EVERYTHING and giving people handouts the jobs and people who want them would negotiate their own terms of employment. This is not Trump's job either, even though many think it is. And if they'd do away with minimum wage jobs would be everywhere. That said, as Jenny pointed out the jobs are there. They just need to let people go back to work.
  • Cut taxes for small businesses
  • Good question. The biggest problems in the USA with labour involve jobs moving out of the nation. Your IT department can either be on site, with, say, 7-10 employees making $60-80k/yr plus $15-20k.yr in benefits, or they can be in India with 10-12 employees making $12-16k/yr without benefits. Why would any reasonable business choose to spend more money (especially if the work ethic in the USA is significantly poorer)? In manufacturing, you could build a car here for $5k in labour out of raw materials you imported for $6k in a facility that costs you millions per year in rent, taxes, and upkeep, or you can go to whichever country has the raw materials already and pay $2k for the same materials and only $500 in labour at a factory that costs a few thousand a year to operate. So, there's the badge of pride in buying American, but even if you buy a GM vehicle that was built in Detroit, almost all of the components of that vehicle are imported from overseas. So 1. make raw materials more economical to obtain domestically. 2. make domestic labour more affordable. 3. move facotories back home. 4. increase tariffs on manufactured good. If 4 is done without the predicates of 1, 2, and 3 completed, then it's really an empty victory, as things will only get partly fixed and return back to the undesirable state as soon as no one is watching Unfortunately, the president cannot accomplish these goals without congress fully on board..

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