• All we have to do is look at Italy and Spain it we don't act fast.
  • I believe it's a false dichotomy. The economy is already in serious trouble. But if you do nothing, it sends a clear message that the government is not looking out for its people, which, in turn, assures investors that the nation is a bad place to invest their money, and the USA will lose its economic power. If you order people to shelter in place, then the economy grinds to a halt. The third option is to rally people together and get them focused on combating this thing by making respirators, ventilators, and PPE for our medical professionals to use, by getting our brightest minds working on treatments and vaccines, and by keeping all supporting businesses focused on supporting those goals (for example, the electric grid, waterworks, public safety, logistics, etc.).
  • There are different thresholds. People could panic if the government forbids them from leaving the house. People could also panic if too many other people get seriously ill from the disease. At this point, I think there are plenty of people panicked for whichever reason already, so the damage is done. There is no magic button that restores the economy back to the way it was before, regardless of the cost to public health and safety.

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