• I don't think anyone can blame the corona-virus on Trump! But, yeah the financial crisis was under Bush.
  • Herbert Hoover was president during the onset of the Great Depression. From an economic standpoint, the general wisdom is clear, if the national economy slows down, the national debt must increase in order to compensate and to boost the economy. If the economy is strong, it is best to balance the budget and pay off some of those debts in order to keep guaranteurs happy. The Republicans have never been very good in the past about understanding how to do damage control when the economy slows down (not to say that they don't have other strengths). Honestly, though, the worst virus outbreak since the Spanish Flu (or maybe even well before) was going to crash our economy, no matter who was in charge. We have yet to see how Trump will manage (although I have low expectations of him).
  • Are Republican presidents jinx? I'm not sure what that means.

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