• Smarter than the average bear.
  • I think that may depend on the type of smart. My IQ is in the high 120's, top 10% worldwide maybe 6% but not quite genius (130). My GCTARI on the ASVAB was 121, one point higher than my ex. And after I learned that I never let him call me stupid again! haha. I qualified for everything but clerical of all things!! But when it comes to art and music I am NOT gifted. I enjoy it but its not good. I don't know a lot about sports, just a little about American football. As a manager I was not good at motivating others to do what I told them and I didn't like getting in trouble for their mistakes. But I was very good at doing my job most of the time. I detest politics, but as I mature I understand its my responsibility to educate myself on the issues. I still don't have to like it. And I focused more on my family than academics or profession so most of what I've learned has been from experience and looking online. All in all I'd say I'm smarter than average with large gaps in my learning, but I'm no genius. My son and grandson are with IQ's in the 150's. I believe in early education!
  • Yep, I am smarter than the Average Joe.

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