• I'm gathering that it is run by whoever has posted or answered more questions the most recently, I'm on there and have only asked a couple of questions this week.
    • bostjan64
      It seems to be you, Linda Joy, Boola Boo, and then a random regular user and a random obscure user every time I log in. The last two positions don't seem to have any rhyme or reason to me, and also seem to change every day. Like everything else automated on this site, it seems like the execution is a little "janky."
    • Linda Joy
      You don't have to ask or answer questions. But if others like and answer your questions it will add up... somehow. See my answer.
    • Archie Bunker
      I've never been able to figure that one out, like quite a few other things here.
  • When I first got here I was told I was on the leaderboard before I knew there was one. I was told if you ask a lot of questions you got on the leaderboard. So I only answered them and got on the leaderboard anyway. But I realized when you answer questions they are put back on the questions list as if they had just been asked. I learned how to click a person's profile and see their questions and started answering a new friends' questions then later that day/night noticed they were on the leaderboard. So I did an experiment with Ice man because he had been here a long time and had a lot of questions to answer. I wanted to see if I could put him on the top of the leaderboard by answering and liking his questions. He said it wasn't possible you had to ask questions, but I did it without any interaction from him at all. I've done it since with a couple of other people. And that was when there were more people using this site. I've also seen spammers get on the list. But right now this site is fairly dead, so I think anyone who asks and answers questions can get on it. But asking and answering questions is not required on your part. Others answering and liking your questions is definitely a factor, but I don't know exactly how it is calculated.
  • I couldn't agree more with your reference. It makes no sense for an inactive AB'er to get on the leaderboard. When I joined the new AB, I thought the more likes you received, the faster you would be on the leaderboard. Similar to the old Answerbag were gaining points/likes was key. It turned out it didn't work that way. Now, it is all about asking questions and having users answer your questions more frequently so you can move up on the leaderboard. I was #1 on the leaderboard for a full week: I even asked a question, letting the religious members know I was boasting about it. I have only asked near 50 questions. Most of them were religious questions, and only 12 non-religious questions are displayed in my profile. It seems like they were flagged by trolls to have them deleted. Maybe sometime soon this site will get it together.

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