• Most definitely a conservative. Socialism is the exact opposite of the principles America was founded on.
  • From a general perspective, conservatism is the social ideology that adherence to traditions is necessary for a healthy culture. From the same perspective, socialism is the social ideology that the management and means of production in an industrial society should be owned by the society itself, rather than by individuals or corporations. My core beliefs are juxtaposed to both of these "-isms" at their basic cores. But, in general practice in the USA, in particular, neither of these terms really mean what they are broadly defined to mean. Conservatism and socialism here are more of a tribal distinction than any particular set of ideas. We have a president who is "conservative," yet doesn't seem to give two shits about tradition, and we have our most famous/infamous self-proclaimed socialist senator who has never sponsored any bill that addresses social ownership of any production facilities. Here, it basically boils down to whether you see abortion as a serious issue ("conservatism") or whether you want the government to pay for your medical bills ("socialism"). I think that if you don't get knocked up and don't get sick, there are other things to worry about...
  • Conservatism.
  • My thoughts cannot possibly fit into these little undefined boxes that are labels Fact:1) There are no pure systems of one or the other of these
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