• "not showering a few days before a long bus ride so no one would want to sit next to me. It gives me more room."....LMAO! How did that work out for you?
    • Linda Joy
      I never actually DID it. I got the idea on a two and a half day bus trip. Bus terminals don't have showers. But I did wash my hair in the sink! And my pitts and privates with moist towelettes.
  • Most people probably wouldn't be able to identify the source of the offensive smell until it was too late, anyway. Then they are simply left with the awkward situation of having to figure out how to get up and find another seat without a social faux pas. You would be better off looking like you smelled bad rather than actually smelling bad. That way, people wouldn't even bother getting close enough to find out.
    • Linda Joy
      Good point! Even so, they'd move at the first available opportunity. But then I'm remembering a 2 1/2 day bus ride a long time ago!
  • I love this question, and your response, I've thought about eating egg and baked beans before going out to the January sales.
    • Linda Joy
      I'd never heard of January sales.
    • Creamcrackered
      Sales after Christmas Linda.

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