• Don't recall ever swimming in a sea per se. I've swum in oceans, creeks and rivers. They're all good. But I prefer the pool because its just across the parking lot, and I think its cleaner.
    • Creamcrackered
      Our oceans are not that great to swim in, I'm always afraid I'm going to bump into a floating brown handled pen knife from the sewer, ewww.
    • Linda Joy
      We used to live in Jacksonville FL, and went to the beach often. Once I was standing on a 4X4 beam sticking up about a foot to a foot and a half and when I jumped down off it I must have landed on a little jellyfish. It stung and swelled up for a few days.
  • I hate swimming.
  • Sure, so long as there is no, or minimal, pollution and there are no hungry sharks or idiot boaters around.
  • Nope. I'm scared shitless of sharks.
  • Sure. Its quite a workout even though I swim a minute here a minute there. Dad used to love it. Maybe it was from his Navy experience.
  • No. I prefer a clean sandy beach lake, or a pool with a diving board. I think too many people pee in the sea, maybe that's why it's so salty ?. : )
  • not really call it swimming what i do, ,but yes i love to have a dip /paddle etc in the bay /ocean when its hot
  • I've been swimming in two oceans and maybe a dozen lakes. I'm always quietly afraid I'll get a nasty ear infection or brain eating amoeba or something. It makes it difficult to enjoy it.
  • If it's warm enough, yes. I'm not a great swimmer so the added bouyancy from salt water is a bonus!
  • With the portion of sea water that is pollutants, I'll just stay to pools. A whole smack load of waste has been dumped in the oceans for more than 100 years, and that pollution is not going much anywhere else. For the amount of food coming from it, anything has got to be done soon about it.
  • i like swimming in the oceans /bay ..well not really swimming but splashing about and having fun
  • As much as I like swimming anywhere. Note that my experience is in a bay or cove. I've heard it can be quite a problem to swim in "the ocean proper". Much stronger waves, etc.
  • Yes, but I don't hang out on beaches any longer. My skin's too fair for all the sun exposure, even with high-powered sun block.
  • I dont dont recall swimming in the sea, but lakes and oceans i have and no longer can. When I was a youngster we would go visit a relative who lived a couple blocks from the ocean and we would set up every night to go down to the beach the next day. I loved it until the one day we got to the beach covered in horse shoe crabs. OMG it was terrible, some dead, some half alive and riggling their legs and stuff. Since then I havent been able to go to the ocean and swim, only able to stand up in water up to my ankles and hopefully able to see what I might be standing in. :)
  • Nah, makes me feel kinda strange and the critters there are more worrisome. Like stingrays and sharks.

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