• Source? I googled this and the only stories that popped up had several serious errors in them with no relevant backing information. I'd like to know whether this is true or not.
    • Linda Joy
      What defunct browser are you using? I got "About 8,030,000 results (0.54 seconds) " Are you saying NONE OF THEM ARE TRUE? ****************** I think I'll start calling you Cleopatra - Queen of DE-NIAL!!
    • bostjan64
      Your search doesn't even have any relevance to the question of congresswomen bailing the people out. I suspect you are trolling.
    • Linda Joy
      Yes it does they were all about that new york senator that married her brother posting on twitter to raise funds for the people who were arrested during the straight pride parade! Now I think you may be a little touched in the head as well. Cleo! And why is it now I can't access the links about her posts on twitter? Did you have something to do with this? That socialist bitch didn't bail anyone out she asked others to pay for it! You don't fool me one bit! And I won't sit back and take this either!!
    • bostjan64
      You posted a link to a google search, accused me of hijacking your computer, and called me a liar for asking for a source. In fact, for as many civil conversations we've had here, you can't seem to go more than two weeks without making a personal insult. I've never done anything to you. You are a toxic person.
  • I think they are showing their colors and anyone who votes for them are voting for people who would not only throw away any law they don't like but who would do like Biden and say its o.k. for me to say it but not you. Its wrong when your side does it but not mine. These same rules don't apply to me! There is no question they would have serious problems with it if the situation were reversed. That said, them throwing OTHER PEOPLE'S money at it isn't going to make it go away. They still have to face court. I have no problem with gays and liberals throwing money away given to them by other idiots who don't respect the law. As long as they stand trial and are punished for the laws they broke.
    • Archie Bunker
      I get all that, Linda, I'm talking about the message it sends to everyone else. What would they say if another politician bailed me out of jail for breaking a gun law? Would that be okay?

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