• I don't have a Pinterest account. But if I did I would not delete my account because they banned a group of any sort. Especially a political one. There is a time and a place for such things and some people would like to browse without being bombarded by political opinions. I think its o.k. where it is allowed and where it is not you should refrain. A no politics zone. There is another Q&A site where political questions are not allowed. I'm against abortion, but I believe as long as it is legal they should be allowed to choose for themselves. But blocking posts you politically disagree with should be your choice. Or they should not be allowed for or on either side.
    • Rick Myres
      Since Pinterest supports abortion is clear is why I deleted my account. In the past I have left a pro-abortion site after I learned they support it they sent me an email saying I was the weakest link and I did not bother giving them any satisfaction for an argument. :)

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