• The World Bank and IMF do not control the money. They loan money to countries that would not otherwise be able to borrow. And much cheaper. The VAST majority of people would have no idea what they are voting on if you had them elected by popular election. Bad idea.
  • The currency in all but 3 countries is controlled by the Rothschilds family. What happens to all currencies is at the whim of the Rothschilds. The Federal Reserve in the USA is owned by the Rothschilds. Our inflation is tied directly to the currency the government has borrowed from the Fed for which we pay interest on.
  • The Darkside has taken over the world and is spreading like a Virus...
  • Should we vote who gets to control YOUR MONEY?
  • Because voting is overrated as a system of selecting the right candidates. Also, voting only works in public offices - not private companies like the World Bank and IMF.

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