• Nope! I'm a butt-pluggin' male and love every tight moment of it. Maybe you should give butt-pluggin' a try. I don't see what else a female could do for you than a man could, unless you just like being plugged with plastic shit, which hell, you could get just as easily from a mop handle. xD
    • jadedsoul
  • Maybe you'll grow to enjoy being a woman. The teen years are rough anyway with hectic emotions. You will also get better at using logic the more you learn how. Men don't lack emotions! They just tend to display anger for every emotion they feel. Don't be jealous of the male. You'll grow to dislike them the more you learn about them. You do know they are the primary murderers of the world, right? I used to want to be a man when I grew up, because I thought the man had all the power. I know now its just the opposite! ;-)
    • jadedsoul
      Maybe its just people rather than gender hahaha. i need to think before i ask questions Dx

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