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  • Originally the two books of Kings comprised one roll called Kings (Heb., Mela
    • Linda Joy
      actually they were just too big to fit on one scroll. But thank you for your answer.
  • Who really cares?
    • Linda Joy
      Apparently the people who ASKED FOR and answered this question. Perhaps next time you should just scroll past the questions you don't like instead of being an ass. That's what I usually do when that very thought comes to my mind.
  • In fact The Samuels and Kings are probably a single document (and traditionally are entitled "1-4 Kings"). The reason is...scroll space. That is: all of these documents were originally authored on scrolls on animal hide (vellum, parchment, whatever) and scrolls that are unusually long become MUCH more expensive AND much more delicate (much easier to accidentally damage). So: the first was split into four, and the second into two, in order that they might be recorded on "standard length" scrolls, scrolls of typical price and durability.

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