• Not anymore
  • I don't have a mate I don't have a girlfriend or a boyfriend or an animal friend. All I have is God that's all I've ever had my whole life. I certainly wish that I could be more pleasing to God and that God would interact with me more than he does.
    • Linda Joy
      He's the only one who will never leave you!
  • I can spend time with both of them. Because we are equally yoked, Pulling in the same direction, I don't have to take my eyes off of God to put them on her, They are in the same place
    • Linda Joy
      This comment was in response to one that has been removed. Forgiveness is not for the offender its for the offended. Hopefully we've all learned from past mistakes and decided to do better. Would you want someone running around behind you telling the world every mistake you ever made? Stop trolling.
  • At times we can neglect it and God understands that because we are imperfect but we should always try our best to put him first.
  • Which god would that be? Is it the same god that nobody can seem to prove to anyone else?
    • Arimatthewdavies
      This question is for those people that believe in God not for those that do not
    • Linda Joy
      God can prove it to all, if they have faith. I've seen the proof repeatedly in my own life. If you choose not to believe you're on your own, just like you like it, right? So why the anger and hatred directed at someone you claim doesn't exist, or their followers? Do you get angry and hateful with children who believe in Santa, or the Easter Bunny? Or go around preaching on social media that they don't exist? Why even waste your time and energy? Or do you have nothing of real value to share here?
  • No gods exist. Hope that helps.
    • Linda Joy
      People make gods out of everything! Power, money, celebrity, their hobbies and lusts... Hope that helps.
  • I'm not married I don't have mate my entire day I pray to God before I do anything I try to keep God first in everything I do
  • Shalom Bayit (Peace at home) comes first.

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