• A sincere smile. The kind that goes all the way to your eyes! And heart
  • My brother in law left a trail of cupcakes when he took his love for a birthday walk. A certain caress. A certain tone in the voice. And yes a glowing smile.
  • Actions as in a smile or a look of empathy, kindness.
  • Men are actually hard wired to express loving emotions in nonverbal ways. They tend to put far more trust in what someone does rather than what they say. They are more likely to do things for someone to show their love rather than whisper sweet nothings. That, however, can be misunderstood by women who tend to be more verbal is expressing their feelings.
    • Linda Joy
      And women fall in love with their ears. So I guess its the smooth talkers that get the women?
    • AppCreator
      Actions, care, that what can show the love too, as for me
  • give me money.That works.
    • Linda Joy
      I don't think that's love at all! But thanks for your answer!
  • When your crying and she sits next to you.
  • When my daughter was very young she knew I was bothered by something (I do not remember what) ..She brought me my bible... how she knew at that age surprises me.
  • Giving the remote to the head of the house so he can control the programing. Certinally takes the stress off of everyone involved and he doesn't have to worry about any surprises. I have faith he will make the right choices.
  • A song, maybe...Jim Croce can do it right.
    • Linda Joy
      EXCELLENT!! I knew which one it was before clicking it! I love Jim Croce!
  • thats cute your son did that, when people help you out

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