• Like chocolate cake, this one cake had dark chocolate layers and coffee icing, pies are good also, however if none are available a beer would suffice quite nicely.
    • Linda Joy
      What kind of pie is your favorite? And what brand of beer?
  • 7-10-2017 Even when I was a missionary coordinator in a church where they made a big deal of birthdays, they forgot my birthday. Twice.
    • Linda Joy
      I would remember your birthday but you haven't told me when it is. But I understand that's for security reasons or whatever so I understand and I'm cool with that.
    • Linda Joy
      But I remember you said you don't eat cake. What do you have for your birthday? You probably don't even celebrate it yourself do you?
  • I had only one birthday party growing up. My sister's birthday is just two days apart from mine. We always had "combined" parties - where ALL the guests were her friends and both our names were put on a type of cake SHE would like. I never got a cake I could eat, friends to spend the day with, or party presents.... except once. Being a plain eater I wanted a standard white frosting cake. It was always chocolate. Yuch - to me. You'd have liked my sisters cakes.
    • Linda Joy
      Which sister? Why didn't they invite your friends too? That silly and unfair! By party presents do you mean birthday presents? Surely they got you birthday presents! What year did you get your birthday party? Did you mean a white cake with white icing? And I would rather have the cake you want on your birthday.
    • Anoname
      Older sister. Don't know why ? My parents, when I was older and asked them about it, claimed it was just an oversight. They'd always get so caught up in planning her party that all they'd remember was to add my name to the cake. They tried to make up for it in my college years - once they realized I'd been forgotten my entire youth, but by then the need for birthday parties was past. Too little, too late. They were great parents and I believed them about leaving me out of their birthday planning because they got too caught up in making sure my sister would enjoy herself. No biggie, but I never let them live down forgetting me all those years in a row.
  • I think that I would like to have an Italian Cream Cake. A person could gain weight just smelling it. (Note: gifts are accepted throughout the year.)
    • Linda Joy
      I just looked up the recipe it sounds good!
    • tominhouston
      It is soooo good. Fat, sugar, cholesterol but note the recipe does not call for any salt, so that makes everything OK.
    • Linda Joy
      Lol! I thought the pecans were a nice addition!
  • I prefer rhubarb pie the way my mother made it. Sweet and juicy.
    • Linda Joy
      I remember my grandmother making a rhubarb pie once
  • Marks & Spencers chocolate cake, it has three types of chocolate, milk, dark and white.
  • Banana with cream cheese icing.
  • my favorite is German chocolate. I haven't had a good piece in decades. I may have to break down and try to make one myself.
  • Carvel ice cream cake
  • Puh! Any kind of cake somebody wants to bake is just fine with me! 3/2/23
  • ice cream cake

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