• 9 out of ten... yes. The book is always more descriptive, and provided the reader has an active imagination ... the movie that follows a few years later, pales by comparison and almost never lives up to the book. A few directors get it right, but they're far and few between. Today they seem to rely more on computer generated graphics, that some how miss the boat as to what the original author intended and described..
    • Linda Joy
      What's the best book you've ever read?
    • Ice man
      Lord of the rings.
    • Abha
      The opposite happened when I watched Twilight, the books were lovely, but I think the movies lacked the depth....???
    • robnfranks
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  • Only most of the time. Books rely a lot more on imagination, so you can do more with less, but books also take longer to digest, so you get more to do. If a movie turned out better than the book, it must be a really good movie and a so-so book.

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