• he was a hard worker
  • My Dad spoke 13 languages.
    • Linda Joy
      WOW!! That's awesome!!
  • He composed a little ditty for Chubby Checker titled "Lets Twist Again" Lyrics by Kal Mann.
  • He helped make me what I am today.
  • He passed away at 90 years old back in 08. The poor old guy was lost in dementia during the last few years of his life. I think he did his best with us thru his life.
  • not in Australia its not.......its in September
    • Linda Joy
      And THAT'S more important than telling me what's awesome about your father?!!!
  • My father is dead. He was a very talented journalist who taught me how to write. Given that I now make my living partly from my own writing, I am deeply grateful to him. However, he and my mother hated Father's and Mother's Day and regarded them as no more than cynical, profit-driven inventions enabling some people to make as much money as possible. He appreciated a hand-made card for Father's Day when my siblings and I were small, but when we were older, he railed against gifts or anything more elaborate than a phone call. I've done the same with my own children. They really like not being expected to buy gifts and make a fuss.
    • Linda Joy
      Wow! I would have thought the takeaway was to honor the person, but don't waste money on gifts. Not hate the holiday. Do you celebrate Christmas or is it seen the same way?

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