• I think it might be law in some places, but I can see how playing with firearms of any kind could be a problem on blimp and balloon rides.
    • Linda Joy
      I bet it'd be pretty awesome to watch the sunset in one of those
  • 6-20-2017 I saw a blimp once in Atlanta and I stopped to watch it try to land. Now you gotta know Atlanta is a very hilly town, and the landing field was at the bottom of a hill with two-story stores at the top. So this blimp came in as low as the pilot dared, and then a gust of air dropped it ten feet or so. He tipped the nose up and switched the engines to high (electric fans) to get the ship up over the stores. Those fans made a dreadful racket! After clearing the buildings, he tipped it down again to point toward the landing field. There were ropes hanging all around the ship, and when it got close to the ground, several dozen men ran out and grabbed the ropes. This show lasted almost a half hour. A blimp is so slow that the pilot turns his seat around to chat with the passengers.
    • Linda Joy
      How exciting! Blimps are huge! I saw a hot air balloon land once! Not as impressive I'm sure, but still very exciting!
    • Jewels Vern
      Imagine a hot air balloon with the basket fifty feet long.
  • I'll be in the back where the bar is, no need to be up front watching the power lines coming straight at us. :P
  • If you're already holding the shotgun, you can call whatever you want. If anyone disagrees with you, just rack a shell up and give them the stink eye.

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