• listen to the facts of the story instead of how they are feeling.. Understanding why they are feeling the way they do is more important, if you want to share empathy, than listening to them talk about emotional symptoms.. 'I feel so sick'.. 'I feel like throwing up.' 'I can't sleep'. 'My stomach hurts'. 'Why can't anybody understand?' 'Noone seems to care'.... These are all 'symptoms' more than the cause...
  • maybe you can help them find someone else to help them
  • Try to put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel?
    • Linda Joy
      That's what empathy is. Many times I can do that, but my problem is when I can't. I don't know what its like to be a man or to be 6 ft tall. I don't know what it feels like to be waterboarded, or to be shot. I can empathize with many things I've been through. Like being a man (assuming that you are) you can't know what menstrual cramps feel like, or bleeding through your feminine protection or having to deal with this every month for 40 years. Or what its like to have a baby. You can't know how it feels.

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