• All of the above. Sweet things like my babee does for me help a lot. They are always a surprise, he anticipates my movements. I hope he knows how much I appreciate just knowing he is there, ahead of me making things better. : )
    • Linda Joy
      So sweet! I'm glad you added to your original answer.
  • Spending time doing mutually enjoyable things together, while also knowing when to give your parter their own space to explore the friends and things they are interested in.
    • Linda Joy
      So true! It's great to be loved and suffocating to be smothered!
  • Forgiving others when they upset you. It's unavoidable. Someone will get on your bad side eventually - even not meaning to upset you.
    • Linda Joy
      Forgiveness is important. I think once I learned I could forgive my own molesters there's nobody I can't forgive now.
  • Trust and respect
    • Linda Joy
      Also important and sometimes very fragile! Intertwined both with each other and forgiveness. Thank you for these important additions to my quick list.
  • 5-17-2017 First you must both define the relationship the same way. It doesn't matter what your definition is as long as you both use the same one. Second is taking care of responsibilities. Responsibilities are spelled out in your definition, that's why you both have to have the same one.
    • Linda Joy
      Maybe that's why I suck at relationships. I tend to be more emotional than analytical.
  • To not think of it as a relationship and quantify it. You don't think of "family" as a relationship but it's your very first one and the one you learn the most from. The difference between a "good" and "bad" relationship is your role in it. If you're doing all the work and are the others "option," then you are going to suffer in it.
    • Linda Joy
      I can relate. I've learned a lot from bad relationships. Especially my first family one! Being an 'option' goes back to what Baba said about respect. Of course it also reflects on your own self esteem if you let it continue. Relationships are never easy in the long run.
  • I should look to see if I have already answered before I answer.
    • Linda Joy
      I've done that before too!
  • Do as your told and keep your mouth shut! Good words for anybody! Aug. 11 2017
  • Not thinking about yourself and what YOU want all the time..... ..letting the other person have their way at least sometime, but of course not all the time.... ...........doing little things for them you know they will like.... .............treating them NOW like you did when you were first dating!!! AND......NEVER TAKING THEM FOR GRANTED FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER!!!

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