• Super wonder babies
  • Good Looking.
  • Well...let's think about that. *** Wondy was a statue that was brought to life. *** Supes is an alien *** So, first off, it seems rather impossible for them to produce children together. A monkey mating with a statue has about as much chance of producing offspring. But let's say that Superman's super-DNA (assuming that he is a DNA-based life form) super impregnates Wondy's cells (assuming that she has cells) somehow, and she has babies. Naturally those babies would acquire *to some degree* the traits of both parents. Presumably they would be humanoid. Presumably they would be relatively impervious. Presumably they would be super-strong and super-moral (unless they were raised wrong, or unless they were the kids of the recent, relatively immoral Supes and Wondy).
  • I don’t know but I would recommend that you not try to spank one if it misbehaved.

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