• All of them. I take one each year.
  • I have had many mini vacations and some long ones as well. Most all of them were good, even those with my second wife who could make my life a living hell. She is gone now. she had some serious mental problems and it wrecked our marriage. Since then I have never had a bad vacation.
    • Linda Joy
      Having a mental illness is no picnic either. But I understand how you feel. My life is much more peaceful now as well.
  • My best vacation was traveled sea beach.
    • Linda Joy
      I'm not familiar with that one. Where is it?
  • Trips to Vegas! Aug. 11 2017
    • Linda Joy
      I've never been. But I hear the buffets are good!
  • Well, a buddy and I went to Panama City Beach, Fl. during spring break...need I say more?
    • Linda Joy
      Not for the children, I hope!
  • Any vacation I take with him would be the greatest.
  • Back i 98 when I went to Seattle, made some friends but saw some really wild stuff. I think that year was the best in my life looking back.
    • Linda Joy
      Wild stuff? In Seattle? What kind of wild stuff did you see there?
  • never had one
    • Linda Joy
      I usually use my vacation time to visit family
  • going to uruguay with siblings, i was born there and we got to see relatives we havent seen in 40 yrs

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