• Oh yea, they're all "Is this for Mr Pants? Oh. That guy. Throw his package in the back! HA!!"
  • UPDATE: The truck finally arrived at 8 PM. It had left to make deliveries at 5 AM. I couldn't be more last :{ (Although...the item I ordered had been double shipped, so I have two of them for the price of one, unless an attack of conscience forces me to sell the extra one on Craig's List and, I mean return it. Yea, that's what I meant *shifty look* ......Seriously, should I return it? It's a cheap item and I would have to pay for shipping or gas, and a confused employee would just look at me like I'm an idiot and say "Why didn't ya just keep it Mr Pants?(Oh, they know who I am) (When you're made of soft fuzzy spooge-stained cloth, people remember you!~, no NOT spooge-stained, yea, that's what I meant.. * blink * *runs away*

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