• Cover it with posters of heavy metal bands. That's what my bedroom was like in 1980.
  • Hang a picture of Ronald Reagan, with his face spooged on, to show what a VERY good fascist you were. For wallpaper show the peeing boy trickling on him, to show that you later developed conscience (and/or a golden shower fetish). Have a TV preacher on a tube television. Dont forget the oh so modern "answering machine" with a cassette tape in it. And a poster that says "a billion for bombs, but we have to have a bake sale to buy books". But mostly spooge, just lots of spooge everywhere, and trickling, and democrats being kicked in the face. Yea!!! *spooges*
    • Nosmo King
      "Said fashion was actually good, because after how unkempt people had been throughout the 60's & 70's, suddenly there was a will to be neat and stylish". Yet for all that, 80s fashions sucked - big time! Bring back the 70s!

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