• Wikipedia says: "Game or quarry is any animal hunted for sport or for food." Hmmm...well this is like that episode of Bugs Bunny, where Elmer Fudd keeps getting tricked into thinking it's Wabbit Season, and then Duck Season, Bugs and Daffy each try not to get shot.. Mmm..Nope. No game here. I'm just a tourist with a picnic basket! *whistles innocently* *walks faster and faster away till running, in fear of the elephant gun Estrella may be wielding*
  • Nope, sorry. Hunting season is over....
  • For what?
  • Usually... as long as it's not illegal or terribly immoral... what's on the table?
    • beaker95
      What do you class as immoral? Which table?
    • Linda Joy
      Ummm... I try to at least keep the top ten commandments.
    • beaker95
      Where do you keep them? Under Mr. Pant's bed?
    • Linda Joy
      Did he tell you I was there? !!! He swore he wouldn't tell!
  • Yes I am game

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