• All our pets had food names. My favorite cat was Mayonaise.
  • Lol, no. I named my cat after an imaginary superhero...a caped flying cat who saves the universe, ridding it of the mouses scourge by hypnotizing them all into thinking they are cats too. (Also he smokes a lot of pot, and flies a little space ship.) (Badly, cats are notoriously bad drivers. Remember Toonces? .....
  • No, but if I have any pets my son will probably name them after the members of Little Mix. Lol:)
  • Nope I never did so
  • When I was 14 I named the pet dog San, after a boy I had a crush on in 9th grade I admit f or a 14 y.o. girl that was rather immature. Dog was size of a toy poodle. He was a mix of toy poodle and wire haired fox terrier. He looks very much like Benjie.

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