• I really don't think it could, when you look at that show and what was being said it fit back then to a point, but today everything has changed. as far as a parallel show don't think is there could be one, unless you want to say Archie bunker is today Donald Trump.
    • CosmicWunderkind
      I'm full in accordance with what you're saying. I agree with Trump trouble to US and not funny ability l?ke Carrol O'Connor who was a genius. There was nothing like role Bob Reiner played. Another genius even today. Archie died in 2001 but Bob Reined you always hear from.
  • 4-10-2017 That was a show carefully designed for a specific political climate. People today would have no idea where they got the line "In your heart you know he's extremely right." (That was very similar to a line from Barry Goldwater's campaign.")
  • Political correct Hollywood would never allow it.
  • Don't think there's another Archie Carol O'connor

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