• I don't follow news as much as I used to. It's just too discouraging. (Things getting always worse, never better.) But what I have read leads me to think just because someone's at the courthouse, doesn't suddenly mean they are in sanctuary from being popped if they are in fact wanted or currently breaking the law. Mother Jones published a long article about how awful they think it is that an UNDOCUMENTED transgender was afraid to go to the court to get help about being physically abused. It seemed nonsensical to me (and I am a liberal) but that seemed a lot of foolishness. The LAST place anyone should expect to feel safe from arrest - if they are wanted - is at a courthouse!!!!! So I can't follow their logic. They don't seem to have any. ....But as to Trump throwing out illegal immigrants, generally, well, if that's the law at this point, then I'd tell people don't get in the way of it. You can try and have the law changed, but don't interfere with police business. They're not the lawmakers, and have enough to worry about already, when doing their job.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      I think we're in complete agreement here. ICE's job is to enforce the laws. If the judge disagrees with the law, then he should petition his legislator to have it changed, just like any other citizen should do. This judge is in the unique position where she (pretty sure it was a female judge) is part of that criminal justice system and it's her job to do it fairly, according to the law. Not her personal feeling on it.
  • California should break off and float out into the ocean! Just look how screwed up it is!!

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