• That probably would have been Abraham Lincoln.
  • (Forgive the length, this is a tough question!) The early presidents at least had ideas of equality, freedom, and an increasing productivity rate resulting in shorter hours and improved living for all. Those were pretty good goals. Too bad they ended up being treated as mere ideals in the way of rich men getting richer. ......In the early to mid 20th century though we had presidents still trying to actually do things FOR the people. But.....then rich people had the Kennedies killed. ..even the boy. And they took over entirely now haven't they. They even told us we're no longer a democracy, we're an oligarchy. Ha! Why don't they just say aristocracy and get it over with! ...But I don't entirely blame the avarice of the rich for things going sour in America; it's people who make a democracy democratic, and our people haven't lifted a finger in decades, while we got systematically disempowered, de-righted, and impoverished. ...Einstein said " The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch and do nothing." American people DO NOTHING. And so we no longer have a free press, rights, democracy, or even just dignity and hope for a better future. We just have a maniac who tweets displeasure like a little girl, and a bunch of freaks who can't seem to get together on exactly what's left to rob us of. If I were a younger man I'd go live in Finland where it may be cold and dark half the year, but the women are hot, the living standard is excellent, and the politics are reasonable and decent and not being used for fleecing everybody while telling them to blame each other for where all their money went............The American dream, our democracy itself, the middle class ALL got killed when the Kennedies were "taken care of". And no one got mad and did anything about it! People are so worthless. Can you imagine people fought and died to give them democracy and decent free country, and they just sat and let it get taken away. I am so ashamed to be American now. ............. I don't know how much of Lincoln's reputation is just idealistic legend that gets created over time. I also notice that people tend to point to "the guy in the chair" (the president, at any given time), as to who caused things to happen as they did, while really the Congress and court, and even just the needs of the country take great part in dictating what will need to be done. But just the same....who was the most honest and forthright president we've had? mmm NO man is honest and forthright, really, when it comes down to it. They ALL play things like a game, saying things for needed effect, even if they might not be entirely true. It might be more helpful to ask which president at least had the most decent intentions. Who had the most noble goals for the effect of their rule. And I want to say Kennedy-Johnson intended to end poverty and make a great society. And I believe they meant that! (Actually, even Richard Nixon said it wasn't okay that we had 30 million people in poverty, when we were such a rich country. It was the thought in the late 50s' and into the 60's.) I feel most profoundly sad at the memory of Robert Kennedy being shot. That was the death of America right then and there. And anyone who speaks favorably of republicans has just been brainwashed into supporting people with evil ends who stole that from US. ....I don't mean to step on anyone's feelings with that statement; but I have lived a long time and this is what I have witnessed.
    • Roaring
      Very thoughtful response. I will have to read it again as there is a lot here to consider. Thanks
  • I'm a big Trey Gowdy fan.
    • Roaring
      Don't know his record. I'll check him out. Would be nice if he held a live town hall for his constituents instead of a Telephone Town Hall
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      *looks at wikipedia* Trey party. Of course. Well I know HC and I will never agree on political ideology, but...I've been watching what Trump does, daily for over 70 days now, and recently I watched a documentary about the rise of Nazi Germany. And I know traditionally any mention of the Nazi Party is immediately perceived as a rash over-the-top comparison, but if you watch a documentary about The Rise Of Nazi Germany (THEIR right wing party, headed by a maniac) (I watched this one, but there are many, on you tube: will see disturbing similarity, in some of the behavior and methods Hitler used to achieve total power. In Trump, I see almost daily disturbing reports about him saying - when he doesn't like someone - "well, we'll just destroy his career then". Or saying - when a court rules he can't do something he wants - that we should break that court up. And of course the republicans for quite some time, have already been disobeying the constitution - our highest laws - whenever "laws" are in their way. They even announced that we are no longer a democracy. And they took ouer rights away, and any privacy we had. We are under constant scrutiny all the time now, even by camera, and even our smart phones can be used to turn on a mic or camera anytime, without you being asked or knowing. And the laws that protected against this kind of thing have been suspended. ......And they gained unchecked control finally, by using their lock on the media, to spread hatred, imaginarily. To create legions of mean-spirited parrots, hating at things that dont even exist. ....As for Trump, his behavior is often wrong, disquieting, and worrisome. And then we hear a worker of his tell us "better be careful what you say" (in reference to making any negative statements about him). You know, Hitler started out as an elected official, who showed a couple indicative tendencies, but the people still liked him anyway. Then all hell broke loose, once he got in the chair he wanted. And it was too late to get rid of him then. ..HE similarly made the public know that they need to "be careful what you say". .......When it comes to Trump, even just the maniacal gesticulations he makes reveal he is NOT okay. And his tweeted tantrums (Today he is crying about Hillary on twitter again. WHY is she a concern now? He's been president for almost three months!!!!!! I think he's mentally unwell !) And there's more. But suffice to say,I really think this one could get impeached, but you see, there have been others who aspired to power who would not have let an initiative to impeach stop them. The party he represents own and script the media (so can black out dissent) (and then claim the liberals control it, but that's false and a rouse.) They ARE in full control of the country now. NO checks and balances any more. And we've been told we're not a democracy anymore, and haven't the right to privacy, or legal protections against corporations (the rich) harming us, fleecing us, selling our jobs, buying our press and government, shutting us up. It's already been clear that bad times are afoot for America, but now add a president who doesn't feel the need to consult congress, obey the Constitution, or even behave in a sane appropriate manner. I am actually a bit scared. So this is the complete opposite of what you asked for examples of ("an honest forthright representative in US politics"). I honestly wish I could go back in time and prevent the Kennedies from being killed, and arrest the criminals that conspired to take control that way. And - sorry HC, but - I'd outlaw the republican party if it were up to me. There is no such thing as "alternate facts" and the republican party isn't another way of looking at things. It isn't even a party. It's a special interest group. A TAKEOVER GROUP. A few thousand rich guys who figured if they pooled their bribe money they could buy total control
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Pants...I'm not sure where to being so I'm not going to even try. We can both look at things from our different political ideologies and come to very different conclusions and be able explain why the other person is crazy for believing the way they do. And I too can compare different democrats to Nazi Germany, but that's pointless. Where I will disagree with you here is that I would NOT outlaw the Democrat party. We need the different opinions that our democratic process provides for and I'm not for shutting down those that disagree with you (even the socialist Bernie Sanders). That is exactly what Hitler did.
  • Is there such a person?
    • Roaring
      Probably lesser known as mainstream media would not highlight stories where high integrity is featured and respected.
  • Bernie Sanders.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Oh yea. I also liked Paul Simon, Paul Tsongas, and Dennis Kucinich - all of whom had a mond of their own and decent ideas in it. But alas, nice guys dont get elected. Anyone who wants to be constructive or do good things gets boo'd away. And Dennis Kucinich was short (yea, that actually really is why no one voted for him. People kind of suck.) All anyone's really interested in is who slings mud the hardest.
    • Roaring
      Yes Bernie is exemplary in my view.
  • Louis Gohmert

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