• Yes, Justin is !!
    • beaker95
      I sometimes buy my clothes from there and I am in no way whatsoever even remotely weird.....
    • Linda Joy
  • Nope.
    • beaker95
  • Well, you see, I just simply cannot find underwear that feels this soft against my virginal skin.....
  • It's really no one's business where someone buys his or her clothes. But I know women who buy some men's clothing because they're comfortable and sometimes even cheaper for the same items.
    • beaker95
      Boxer shorts in Walmart are currently buy two pairs, get the fourth free.....
  • "Weird' is in the eye of the beholder. If you grow up in Korea eating boiled silkworm larvae as a snack, it may be perfectly normal.
    • beaker95
      Do they have any sauce with that....?
  • No. There are many reasons why a man does so: he could be purchasing presents for his wife, daughter, sister, mother, etc. From the marketer's point of view- a sale is a sale is a sale.
    • beaker95
      You missed out mistress....
  • Not really.
  • 4-18-2017 Not at all. What is weird is a guy buying a bra and flexing his fingers to describe to the clerk what size it should be.

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