• Giving up grudges is for quitters. (kidding)
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      Punny guy Ano : )
  • I forgive because the only alternative is to allow myself to be burdened and dragged down. Took me a while to learn that. Doesn't take long once we learn not to take ourselves so seriously.
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      Very well said.
  • Not sure if it was my son giving my grandson away or being molested. Took into my 40's to forgive the molestation and my mother for not protecting me after my sisters told her what was going on and she chose to believe the stepfather and call them liars, much less to forgive my son. He wasn't mentally well at the time, but then neither was my mom.
  • I've had some tough ones that I don't want to share here, so I'd say forgiveness is a journey not a destination, then comes the days when you no longer think about it, except maybe once in a while if you see something on TV or something that jogs your memory, and you no longer feel anger, you just see it as something in your past. You can't force forgiveness.

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