• Saturdays because I have more time to hang out with my husband and go shopping and in the evening he massages my feet.
    • Ice man
      All excellent reasons. Thanks.
    • jenjo
      Wednesday maybe Because it's the balances day throughout the week it also feels the more good comes from Wednesdays since what I remember
  • Friday because of anticipation of the weekend.
    • Ice man
      I think most of us are in that same boat. Thanks
    • beaker95
      Won't it capsize, like them boats what cross the Mediterranean....?
  • Saturday morning, waking up having a cup of coffee and playing with my parrots :)
    • Ice man
      Sounds cool. Do you find the parrots more talkative after they've had coffee ? : )
  • Saturday...I don't have to smell the Marmite any more....
    • Ice man
      Yes , that must be a blessing.

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