• Welcome to the club. Some people are so into their own dramas they can't be helped.
  • I'll try to make them understand, if they still don't get it - then I just stop wasting my time on them.
  • For me, if I'm sure that it will be really helpful for that person. Even though it sounds insulting for them, I'll still do it again and again but to avoid their bad feelings towards that help. I'll do it secretly.
    • Anoname
      Your a sweetie.
    • Myang
      really? hehehe.. but that's what i'm always doing whenever helping someone who awkwardly received my helps. :)
  • try again but explain the 2nd time round.
  • I would try to explain what I meant.
    • Anoname
      You'd turn the cheek 70 x 7 times.
    • Linda Joy
      I'd try, but I'm only human!
  • I wish I could give up. People are so self centered that they don't see the good in things. I know this but do you think I ever give up??? No!!! I think aslong as I know I'm doing it with a good heart I will keep doing it, but again I do not want anyone feeling insulted, so I will probably find a mysterious way of doing it the next time.
    • Anoname
      Your heart must be as gold to not give up.
    • Natz
      I wish. Lol. Some people say there is something wrong with me and that I might give to gain things, so that is why I prefer to do it anonymously. Also heard before that I will be a doormat and people will use me. No one can use you if you do it anonymously as they will not know who to use. I guess I live in Candyland where everything is happy. Lol ? Maybe I must go speak to my therapist. ? I just feel if you bless, you will be blessed and I think we have been given either wisdom, fortune or love not just for our own use but to actually use it for good

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