• I don't know, I was out for most of the day yesterday. But AB was working when I looked in before going out.
    • Myang
      Oh. i see. I bet this question of mine was answered also by one of the admins (Mr. Dan?) :D By the way, hope you're doing well when your out.
    • Ice man
      Thanks, I'm fine. Yes, Dan is in the admin and I think it was good of him to answer your question. He's a good guy. : )
    • Myang
      Yeah. He's not snob.
  • Yes, we did have an outage yesterday. Sorry about that. We pushed some optimizations that should make the site faster, but they caused some errors which compounded and hours later caused the outage. We have fixed the problem and it shouldn't happen again.
    • Myang
      Oh! that's a relief! I enjoy most this site than my other social media accounts (seriously). I was suddenly sad yesterday. I thought it's really gone. I thought as well our IT officers blocked this site in our workplace (if so, i dont have the chance visiting this mostly). I'm so glad it's back as how glad i was this time because one of the admins of AB answer me. Are you? :D anyway. Many Thanks Sir Dan! Good Job always :)
    • Dan
      AB will be around a good long time. As soon as we get the mobile apps out the door, you'll see a lot of improvements on the site.
    • Myang
      yay! what a good news! ok then! i'll wait for it! Thanks ahead and Congrats for the Team! :)
  • Their server must have been down.
  • I noticed it too. A few hours later the site was back up.
  • I don't know, I haven't been on AB for a few days. I missed that.

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