• Yes and sometimes I just need to be reminded that I am blessed to have another day.`
    • Myang
      yeah. you should always
  • The people you are talking about are people who have made bad "life choices" and can only see the negative. They are not happy with life in general and won't do anything to change that, so they go on being miserable and nasty all through life. Most of them will blame others for their own problems and usually feel trapped in the situation that they created. I don't waste my time with people like that ... I'm a happy person, and life is too short & not to be wasted on the negative.
    • Myang
      So how do you respond to those kind of people?
    • Ice man
      There are lots of ways you can respond. - "Oh, did you get up on the wrong side of the bed?", "Did someone piss in your coffee this morning?", "Well, try to have a nice day any way.", "It hurts when you get it caught in your zipper, doesn't it?", " Are your panties in a bunch already?", "It sucks to be you, doesn't it?", or you could just say "It's a beautiful sunny day & I'm happy to be alive !" then smile and walk away.
    • Myang
      haha! i wanna try all you've said when i encounter again such people. You're great!
  • 3-13-2017 They are just trying to learn how to pretend to be alive. Nobody ever told them they can't have a good life if they refuse to admit it.
  • maybe they were depressed and didnt really want to get up
  • Its that kind of attitude that drives them crazy. Your happy, morning cheer is a turn off for night owls or anyone with a hangover.

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