• No but the nature of the agreement was entertaining if not funny. Actually the first place of my own I rented which stood next to an enormous radio/TV broadcasting tower which interfered with most TV station reception. Which was a single apartment I shared with a guy a couple years older. He took the bedroom and gave me the living room and we hung a curtain down to separate. The kitchen and bathroom were common. Like living right on top of someone but not being in a relationship with them. Which lasted seven or eight months.
  • Yes, this was many years ago. I had two buddies that rented a 3 bedroom house. I had just collected all of my worldly possessions off my girlfriends front lawn and had to make a hasty move. My buddies drew up an agreement for me to sign. Our bedrooms were private but the rest of the house was common. They weren't worried about me being a biker. They weren't worried about being late with the rent. They weren't worried about drunken parties (they encouraged it). The only thing on the agreement was that we would take turns replacing the coffee table - regardless of who broke it. I thought it strange but I signed it. My two buddies were on a baseball team and every Saturday the team would go to the bar after the game. After being thrown out of the bar the guys invited anybody left standing back to the house to party. On the team there was these to big brothers who like to fight (more like wrestle) when they got shit faced. Sooner or later one would pick the other one up and throw him across the living room, and yes you guessed it, smashed the coffee table into pieces that couldn't be repaired. The boys were very apologetic and always supplied the beer for the next party, but never replaced the coffee table, so it was up to us. After replacing the cheap table a couple of times, I built a sturdy and reinforced table out of 2 by 4's and 4 by 4's. A couple of broken ribs later and the brothers stopped wrestling at our house, and my roommates tore up the agreement. I lived there for two more years and left the "still standing but heavily beer stained" coffee table behind when I moved away. True story. : )
  • Never done so

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