• the site was down for a year or so. and during that time everyone's old account and info was pretty much wiped. this is the revamped Answerbag, so everyone on the old site would have to make new profiles. (not gonna lie there is hardly the same amount of traffic for this revamped site, but maybe with time people will come back.)
  • This isn't the old AB. That one is dead and gone along with our old status and yes it's the same for everyone. I had to find my old avatar and install it. Things are different because this is a totally new site (new owners, new admin, new approach) being built from the ground up, but they are able to draw a lot of the old questions back from the old archives.
  • Technically, this is NOT the same AB. The site was entirely wiped and then rebuilt anew. Accounts from the original AB have, in fact, been maintained, this is my original AB account though I'm no longer using the same display name. I was able to do a password recovery. It's profiles that have been wiped due to the new layout and discontinuation of some features such as the scoring. Though my answers from the original AB suddenly appeared on my profile, I, as, well had to reset my avatar and oddly, it initially logged me in under an older display name than the one I'd last used on the original site. The questions themselves that my old answers pertain to, however, are inaccessible, all lead to the 'spidering' error screen. This site doesn't live up to the original but it IS still a baby, so it still has a chance.
  • this is the new and downgraded version of answerbag.. welcome back.
  • Y'all are really lucky to have gotten it back. MSN's Q&A never did come back. Although I found a lot of my Q&A friends on Facebook after that.
    • Anoname
      A watered down AB is better than no AB at all.
    • Linda Joy
      I would never have come here if Q&A was still open.

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