• Last week, but that was only because it was trying to crawl into my ear. I gotta find a better place to live...
    • Azlotto
      Was it one of them Hawaiian roaches?.. jk... I'm not a spammer, but Talstar produced by FMC will get rid of them.... Thanks, Stuck in the 80s.
  • Not since I was a teenager and discovered those little electrical alligator clips made good roach clips. : )
    • Azlotto
      Same here...Alligator clips are multitaskers...Thanks.
    • WildOne
      Are you talking about the bug or the smoke 🤔
  • About ten minutes ago when I peeled it off the side of the tub. Hate to share the tub with anything that crawls. lol
    • Ice man
      I agree, they should find a tub of their own !!
    • Azlotto
      @Carbon..."Hate to share the tub with anything that crawls"...Ha, So do I...Thanks Carbon :)
    • Azlotto
      @Ice man...Something like a tub in a Roach motel...
    • Linda Joy
      Sometimes humans crawl. Just Sayin'. ..
  • Depends on what kind of roach. I try not to touch the bugs at all.
    • Azlotto
  • maybe not a roach but ive had to kill bedbugs and sometimes i dont have time to get toilet paper to kill them with, i dont see them as much now since i put out a pest repeller for them, they dont like them

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