• While going uphill, the direction you're going is upwards, obviously. That means that when reaching the top of the ill, the direction you're going to must go from upwards to straight to downwards when you're going down the hill again. Hence, your acceleration is downwards (since youre direction goes from upwards to downwards). Since you're not really attached to your coaster, most of the downwards acceleartion comes from gravity. The same upward speed and downward acceleartion apply to the coaster, so in relation to the coaster, you're weightless for a short moment. Actually, you're "falling down" in a way - if you were thrown over the hill, you'd be feeling like falling :-) - but since the coaster is "falling down" right below you, and since you're taking the coaster as your reference, you're not sensing it as a falling motion, but as a weightless motion. A similar thing occurs in parabolic flights.
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