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  • Unfortunately, I could not read your question as it "ran off the page." You may want to re-post it and put the explanation under the first "Answer." Then note in the question itself - "Details in first answer." That said, you did not say what your own major is. If you think you are going into a field where that kind of thing might be frowned upon - then thumbs down. In this day and age, photos fly all over the Internet and you don't want a potential employer finding this by accident. (Alternatively, of course, you could list on your resume under something like "Other interests & hobbies" that you have done some "artistic modeling." In general, a potential employer won't have a problem so long as they are not surprised.) On the other hand, if you are going into a field with a more relaxed attitude - you mentioned sports before your question ran off the page - I would take another look at the work. If it does seem professional and artistic, then I would not see a problem with it. (Assuming you are not embarrassed.) So it comes down to this - 1) What does your future career entail and would something like this have negative professional ramifications? 2) Does the work appear to be professional and artistic? 3) Are you embarrassed about being seen topless, particularly in an artistic context - keeping in mind that MORE people won't see it than will. (It's not like you will be at a topless beach in Europe.) The first question is objective analysis. The second is an artistic evaluation. The third is your personal comfort level and only you can answer it. Certainly, if your friend is as close to you as you say, she will understand if you say "no." (Though be careful to fully and GENTLY explain a negative decision.) Otherwise, it opens other possibilities for you - you might have a career in modeling, for example - and you are doing a close friend a kindness.
    • iwnit
      @dorat: good answer. If you want to read the full question, I suggest a workaround. Either you copypaste the question from here to a text editor, or you read the question on the user's question page.
    • dorat
      Thanks. Not a bad idea. I must confess, that I am a naif when it comes to computers. My gf says to me every time I get online - "You're hopeless." She's not far off the mark. Thanks for your advice.
  • Following Iwnit's suggestion above, I read the rest of your question. Honestly, if it makes you uncomfortable to that degree, you have answered your own question. Never do what you think you might regret. Explain it to your friend as best you can - as politely as you can - and if she IS a friend, she will understand. Yes, it is part of her career track, but she understands - or ought to - that using someone else's form in her work is at their discretion. Indeed, if she does not agree, she may quickly find that no one will trust her with the use of their physical form. So how she handles this will reflect not only on your friendship - but her professionalism.
  • It is entirely up to you but, especially if the piece is that good, I would encourage you to allow your friend to display the work. I have an art background and nudes are a pretty common focus in many art pieces and mediums. Again, it is up to you.

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