• What do you mean, matching mole? I've never heard of that expression before.
    • Murgatroyd
      It was the name of a band, Crazychick. You wouldn't know them because (a) they were before your time, and (b) they are not your style of music. Lol:)
  • My sister has one on her back the same place I do. Jan.21
    • Murgatroyd
      Is that the matching bit? Same place as where you have one? Must be in your genes. Lol:)
  • If I see a mole that matches any of my boots I will buy it.
    • Murgatroyd
      Where are you going to buy a mole that matches your boots? Lol:)
    • Bootsiebaby
      I might find one on a market stall. Lol:)
  • 1-24-2017 So the mama mole was sniffing at the entrance to the burrow. "Smells like sugar," she said to papa mole. Papa mole sniffed and said "Hmm. Smells like honey to me." Baby bear was not big enough to sniff the entrance, because it was overhead, but still papa mole asked him what he thought. "I can't tell," he said. All I smell is mole asses.
    • Murgatroyd

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