• Actually those two are the improvement over the previous standard of - "Some time ago". Your idea has been on the burner for a while now, and why some of us put the date into questions and answers. But I think it's still better than "Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away". : ) I tend to look at the "view/numbers" to determine the age of the questions because a lot are antiques from the old archives, and used as space filler to make up for a lack of people asking new questions. (that's just my opinion and I could be wrong) The admin were keeping an eye on the category of "About Answerbag" and asked us to post our concerns there. I hope they are still looking in.regularly. Unfortunately it seems a lot of new folks post all varieties of Q's there erroneously, because they either don't know any better or, they can't find the right one to post in. The "Categories" are also in a bit of a mess and even those of us that know better - can't always find the one we are looking for because they aren't always offered, so you go for the closest you can find, only to see the right one after - in the category trail above the question. I hopes this helps.
    • Barcaluv
      Thank you for the detailed answer, my friend. I think you're right, that makes sense. In the meantime I might use the date thing in here as well. I feel such a noob! Hahaha.
    • Anonymous
      ice man : I feel an actual accurate date gives the exact pic of the readers thinking in answering and posting questions. the mood wave in general.
    • Ice man
      @ Barca- No problem, I'm happy to help anytime.
    • Ice man
      @ Anonymous - Your "feeling" is correct. The accurate time and date removes doubt altogether. ; ).
    • iwnit
      Ice man: funny and very helpful answer. If I remember well, in the old Answerbag, the category 'About Answerbag' was one of the categories of choice for some askers who did not want to bother to look for a category themselves.
  • Nine or ten years ago?
    • Ice man
      Yes, even 9 or 10 year old items. Everything in the archives was date stamped, and it would be best if the system were to continue today, & with all the new stuff we've currently added because it would give us clarity of age and to relevance of subject matter. An example - A question from 10 years ago - "What did you think of the President's speech last night?". That question was about GW Bush and got 15 appropriate remarks for the time.(Now fast forward 10 years) The Q is no longer relevant yet re-posted this month from the archive as "posted recently" and you would think the same Q was about B Obama and getting conflicting answers added to the original remarks.
  • A short time ago, a person spent many hours traveling to another country, excited to see someone they thought was a friend only to be stood up at the last minute with a flimsy excuse and no further contact. Imagine how hurt and betrayed that person must have felt after all those years of what they believed was a sincere online friendship, dismissed without even the courtesy of an honest explanation.
    • Babycakes235
      I am no longer shocked by the actions of some who string people along, pretend to care and worse yet to pretend to be someone they're not.....honest, decent. An apology is in order for you but I doubt someone who just blows you off even cares that you were hurt and confused by him not even having the decency to show up in person and at least thank you for making the trip. Shameful and sadly gives good men a bad name.
    • Barcaluv
      @LyricalOne: That someone is indeed sorry and that person has every right to be hurt and betrayed. There is more to his story, it involves certain personal and difficult situations. Someone might hope to clear that up some time in a different forum.
  • I guess that the most recent, top few (about 7) questions on the 'Happening Now' list or on the 'Questions' list get 'very recently' and the former ones get 'a short time ago'. Also it only really means what it says if the question has just been asked, in other cases it means that the question has just been ANSWERED (either very recently or a short time ago). I think that they are not more specific because they want to keep things simple to start with.

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