• Got it. Thanks.
  • Did you get the link I sent you with the sample of porn made for women. If not: Yes, there is really is porn made for women. Note some of the differences - starting with the music - between that and porn aimed at a male audience. I sent this because somewhere in our exchanges you said something that made me think you had never seen this kind of porn before. Believe it or not, it is a whole sub-genre in the "industry."
    • officegirl
      Thank you I believe you. But I have a fear of clicking on links esp here at work because they tend to contain viruses. May be my age but honestly I don't "get" porn. Don't understand why people would want to spend their time with that. Just seems so solitary and lazy. Life and joy are about interaction and not staying home and watching the tube or the computer. I remember from what I have seen there are some attractive men as well as girls and I would guess you (or men) want to fantasize being with them. Course you don't need porn to do that. I have always been more a hands-on girl. I mean someone's hands on me.

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